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20 Awesome DIY Unicorn Crafts for Kids

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Unicorns are making their biggest splash since the 1980s, when they were on everyone’s Trapper Keeper and t-shirt. If you have children at home, you probably already know this! But before you spend money on store-bought unicorn items, check out these gorgeous and clever unicorn crafts for kids that you can all do together at home. And unicorns are not just for girls anymore! Plenty of boys are happy to express their love for the mythical creatures – there is unicorn craft for everyone!

From very simple crafts for toddlers to more complicated projects for tweens, there is bound to be something on this list that will satisfy the unicorn-obsessed in your home. There are unicorn printables to keep little hands busy coloring, arts and crafts to cut and glue, decorations, wearable and huggable sewing projects and holiday how-tos.

With such a wide variety of unicorn-related projects to choose from, your biggest problem will be which one to try first! *EXTRA* – we also have an extensive list of the best unicorn gifts for kids too! Make sure you check them out here!

 1. Sweet Dreams, Unicorn

Image source: Hello, Wonderful

By looping string around an embroidery hoop, rather than weaving an intricate pattern, this unicorn dreamcatcher from Hello, Wonderful is a fun and easy craft for children of almost any age. With the instructions for the craft basics you can find at the site, you and your pint-sized unicorn-lover will enjoy shopping for ribbons and embellishments in all your favorite colors and styles. Nightmares don’t stand a chance with these lovely crafts!

2. Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn With Yarn Mane

Image source: Kids Craft Room


Look up “unicorn crafts” on Pinterest and this project pops up again and again. Kids Craft Room has the step-by-step instructions for creating this magnificent unicorn from empty toilet paper rolls that’s only slightly more complicated than the project above. It’s recycling and crafting something beautiful all in one! Save time and money by purchasing rainbow yarn, rather than in every color: you won’t need much here, just enough for a mane and tail.

3. Bits And Pieces Unicorn Art

Image source: Someones Mum


Someones Mum has a FREE printable you can download in order to make a unique piece of unicorn art. This craft is a wonderfully creative way to use up all those bits and pieces you have in drawers and bins: stickers, glitter, buttons, foam shapes, sequins, feathers – you name it. Use up that glitter glue before it dries out! The result is a fancy unicorn silhouette worthy of framing and hanging up in your child’s bedroom.

4. DIY 3D Standing Unicorns

Image source: Easy Peasy and Fun


This unicorn craft idea can be made with another free printable, this time from Easy Peasy and Fun. It’s cute, it’s easy, and it’s in 3D! What’s not to love? If you don’t have heavy card stock for the base, construction paper should do. (And if you have young children in the house, you almost certain have construction paper.) Have your child’s unicorn fly above the clouds with a blue and white base, or even over a rainbow! Make a whole bunch and let your children play unicorn family all afternoon!

5. Secret Unicorn Messages

Image source: Mess For Less


Here is another free unicorn printable with a big value! These printables from Mess For Less are designed to be colored and cut, and then a message written in the middle. Print them out for sweet valentines or write encouraging messages to leave in your child’s lunchbox. The creative minds at the Mess for Less blog suggest letting your child “feed” the unicorn by drawing food in its mouth. However you do it, this unicorn will make reading and writing fun for your child.

6. Easy Marbled-Effect Unicorn Wall Art

Image source: Creating Creatives


This craft looks like it involves a long, complicated process that will be more work for parents than for kids. Don’t believe it! Grab a can of shaving cream from the bathroom and click over to Creating Creatives for instructions on the truly simple way you can make this marbled effect. You’ll have to email the blog’s host for the stencil, but once more it’s free. The best part is that kids will absolutely love painting with shaving cream!

7. Folded Paper Unicorn Bookmark

Image source: Willow Day


For a fun and versatile unicorn craft, check out this little guy at Willow Day. Need party favors? Valentines? Actual bookmarks for your new reader? This paper craft can do it all! Do the origami part yourself if you have really young children, and then let them decorate the unicorn however they want. Older kids might enjoy doing the paper-folding themselves. There’s a lot to love here, so get started and make enough for everyone!

8. Craft Stick Unicorn Puppets

Image source: Artsy Craftsy Mom


This unicorn from Artsy Craftsy Mom will be popping up all over your house in no time! These popsicle stick puppets make excellent play date activities or for when you want something simple yet fun to do with your child. Color them however you want, just don’t forget the all-important golden horn! Once they are done, don’t be surprised if you are treated to a unicorn puppet show in a little while! More awesome popsicle stick crafts for kids can be found here!

9. Write About Unicorns

Image source: Crafts On Sea


Crafts On Sea has a fantastic way of helping to organize your child’s craft corner with this fully customizable unicorn pencil holder. Pens, markers, paintbrushes, safety scissors, and all those tiny novelty erasers now have a new home. If they are allowed, maybe your child will even take it to school to keep on their desk! Or light up your kitchen by placing this on a counter to hold straws, chopsticks, or plastic utensils.

10. Textured Watercolor Salt Unicorn

Image source: Sweet T Makes Three


Spice up your child’s paintings with the addition of salt! Sweet T Makes Three has yet another free unicorn printable and easy instructions for how to do a watercolor salt painting with your child. This craft is perfect for rainy days or snow days, because there’s nothing fancy going on: just regular table salt, glue, and food coloring. Your budding artists will create something that pops and stands out among the flat paintings hanging on the refrigerator.

11. Googly-Eyed Unicorns

Image source: Books and Giggles


This is another all-purpose, super versatile, hard-working craft that can be put to any use. The materials list at Books and Giggles is full of things you probably already have at home, like craft sticks and pipe cleaners. Add a yarn hanger to make Christmas ornaments or a door hanger, use these as bookmarks, or hand them out as valentines. They’re also easy enough to work as a craft project for class parties. Since unicorns are non-holiday specific, this one can be made all year long!

12. Handy Dandy Unicorns

Image source: The Resourceful Mama


If your child loves to get messy with paint, then they will LOVE The Resourceful Mama’s hand print unicorn! For this one you need little more than paint and yarn. (And of course, plenty of soap and water for washing up after!) Imagine how much your child will adore making a unicorn from their own handprint – this one is definitely going on the wall! Don’t throw it away, either, as it makes a darling keepsake as your child grows up.

13. Unicorn By The Foot

Image source: Fun Handprint Art


And while you’ve got the paint out and you’ve prepared for the mess, why not try out this unique footprint unicorn art? Fun Handprint Art has a clever way to make unicorns from little feet! There is just no way this won’t be fun for kids, so much that even grade schoolers will want to join in. The footprint unicorns go so nicely with the handprint unicorns (#12, above) that you’ll surely want to hang them up side by side!

14. My Unicorn Diary

Image source: Art Craft and Fun


Every day is Take Your Unicorn to School day with these glittery DIY notebooks from Art Craft and Fun! From September to June, send your child to school with a journal they will love to show off. Glitter foam paper makes the job super duper easy. From preschool on up, your child will be the envy of all whenever they pull this project out of their backpacks. Spelling words, math problems, and social studies have never looked so fabulous!

15. Lego My Unicorn

Image source: Frugal Fun 4 Boys


There’s an excellent chance you have some orphaned Lego parts hanging around your house. A little brick here, a longer brick there. If you can collect all the pieces listed at Frugal Fun 4 Boys, or if you feel like ordering them online, your child can build a Lego unicorn! The nice part is that your unicorn doesn’t even have to be all white, and the mane and tail can be any color you happen to have around. Now, which Lego minifig will get to ride this adorable creature?

16. Hold My Unicorn

Image source: 100 Directions


Upcycle an old box (with a lid) to make this one-of-a-kind unicorn container courtesy of the creative minds at 100 Directions. The only limits here are your child’s imagination and whatever supplies you happen to have on hand – including candy sprinkles. These make excellent jewelry boxes, note keepers, or treasure boxes for the young collectors in your family. Give as a gift or save this project for special one-on-one time!

17. Grow A Unicorn

Image source: Extreme Couponing Mom


For your budding gardeners, you absolutely need to make this DIY unicorn pot for small plants. With help from instructions at Extreme Couponing Mom, you and your child will love watching your garden grow! You don’t even need a green thumb to make these colorful pots, just a few simple crafting materials. After all, shouldn’t the flowers and plants you love be treated to a pot worthy of their bright colors?

18. Unicorn Wall Art

Image source: Lia Griffith


Whether you frame this craft from Lia Griffith or hang it directly on a wall, every unicorn lover will have to have one of these in their bedroom. Braid the mane, leave it long, or use any other soft colors of yarn your child likes. This is low-key enough to fit almost anywhere in a child’s bedroom, but beautiful enough to really stand out. It’s a craft you’ll enjoy best with an older child or to make yourself as a surprise for a younger unicorn aficionado.

19. Four-Finger Unicorn Puppets

Image source: I Heart Crafty Things


When there’s a unicorn emergency in your house – you need a unicorn craft NOW! – click over to I Heart Crafty Things to learn how to make this quick and painless finger puppet. By using their four fingers as the unicorn’s legs, kids can take their unicorns on all kinds of magical adventures! Let your little ones practice their gluing skills with the unicorn’s mane, or have older children sort the yarn by color. Phew, unicorn crisis averted!

20. Flower Crown Paper Plate Unicorns

Image source: The Inspiration Edit


For a sophisticated take on paper plate crafts, unicorn style, check out this page from The Inspiration Edit. With some paper flowers, sparkly cardstock, and craft feathers, a plain white plate becomes a magical creature. This is a fantastic craft for older kids and tweens who are past the cutting, pasting, and painting phase of making art. These unicorn faces are sweet and delicate, perfect for slumber parties and after school play dates.


20 Awesome DIY Unicorn Crafts for Kids
Unicorns are making their biggest splash since the 1980s, when they were on everyone’s Trapper Keeper and t-shirt. If you have children at home, you probably already know this! But before you spend mo
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